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        Airtime Business is an aspect of Telecommiuncation sector which includes, Recharge card printing, Data Reselling Business and Virtual Top-Up. I do not think that there is GSM device or any other communication devices that do not make use of airtime. Any communication device that does not make use of airtime could be termed a toy.
        Nigeria is made up of approximately 200million persons Nigeria has more than 100millions persons who make use of GSM daily. Some are recharging their phones via recharge card loading or Virtual Top-Up(VTU). Nigeria is the largest market in Africa. Imagine where you are making N1.00 on each subcribers call or data usage. what a smile to the bank!

Recharge Card Printing Business/Airtime TopUp

Let me share my humble story on how I found my route in the Mainstream AIRTIME.

I started from the scratch of the business, I got my system and my printer, then there was no VTU (Virtual Topup) and data. I carried out my research and discovered that profit margin is what many will term "not encouraging" but I asked myself an intricate question and that is " why then do people engage in this business?

I began to attend paid seminars on Recharge Card in Lagos and gave myself a sleepless night and thought on how to succeed in the airtime industry. I came to understand that the demand for AIRTIME was quite high .

Let's take an instance : MTN has more than 30million subscribers, Glo more than 20million subscribers, Etisalat and Airtel more than 15million subscribers and if a subscriber is making 1naira call per minute, how much does that network provider generate per day in lieu with the number of subscribers that particular network has. This simple logical reasoning illumined my business proficiency.

I discovered, all I need is the market. I reasoned within myself that if I have 50persons as my buyers out of the millions of the networks market size, i should be smiling to my bank daily. let's say I make 2naira on each unit of any network. I have 50persons that took 50pieces of each network.

Permit me to do a simple arithmetic. 2x50pcs =100naira. 100naira x 50customers = 5000naira. 5000naira x 4different networks = 20,000naira. That means, I shall be generating 20,000naira daily. 20,000naira x 7 = 140,000naira. 140,000naira x 4weeks = 560,000naira. I was wowed . Zeal sprang out in me. Can you see why AIRTIME business is like oil money? Folks, I just told my humble beginning to become one of major dealers of AIRTIME in Nigeria. My market size cuts across many states of the federation. Wait a minute, I did not get there overnight but everything was one step at a time and today , I have my AIRTIME COMPANY as an AIRTIME DEALER


For a starter, you need :

  • A Computer System
  • A Printer
  • The Recharge Card Printing Software
  • The Encrypting Software
  • An Active Email Address
  • User Manual
  • EPINS:

The Donason Pin-Extractor is a universal which can print all networks in Nigeria and It can extract and print e-pins irrespective of the state you and the dealer you intend to deal with.
The Encrypting Software was developed to minimise Cyber Epin Theft and I can assure that this application has done a very much help than envisaged.

DONACOM/ADVISION MEGA CONCEPT is a proud achiever GSM Telecommunication Business hence provides all the afore listed items for any interested persons to start-up with. But if you have a reliable vendor to facilitate some of the requirements, good then.


The total package also includes Free Registration on our VTU and Data Reselling Portal. All these are packaged to set you up on a flying start.

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